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Kickstart new applications at light speed using our modular and free to use API mocking service that gives you all the essential endpoints you would require to scaffold, mock and test your applications.

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MyFakeAPI is a free online REST API that you can use whenever you need some fake data. No registration, tokens or keys required.




{"Car": {"id": 1, "car": "Mitsubishi", "car_model": "Montero", "car_color": "Yellow", "car_model_year": 2002, "car_vin": "SAJWJ0FF3F8321657", "price": "$2814.46", "availability": false}}

Postman Collection

A free postman collection with all our routes.


Real time statistics to view our API availability.

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Our service is open sourced and community driven to ensure complete transparency. Fork or Clone our official code repoistory on Github and send us a pull request with additional features or enhancements.


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